Adelaide, South Australia
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After following instructions on the pamphlet, we stirred the hot wax with the wooden stick, at this point spun the wax around the stick so it oils reach my upper lip, instead it poured off the stick and covered my right eye and cheek! I was unable to open my eye for over 40 minutes.

The burning sensation was almost unbearable and I was screaming uncontrollably. Each time I had to slowly pull the wax off my eye lashes, which I’ve lost majority off, and carefully pull the wax off my cheek that burned and burned, it’s now left me with burn marks over one side of my face!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nair Salon Divine Body Wax.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don’t blame the product for your ineptitude.


This is terrible but honestly you lifting a stick with a load of burning wax high enough so as to be ABOVE YOUR EYR AND CHEEK is not their problem. You did this 5o yourself and this will be filed under user error.

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