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I just bought nair last night and i used it yesterday and it seemed it worked fine, and now I just used it and my legs broke out in hives and bubbles, and I leave for vacation in 2 days ! I've been told that the rash goes away within a week, but I can not wait that long.

Im so disapointed in the quality of their product, it did not make my legs smooth at all unless I put a big amount on, and that's just wasting the product. My legs smelled like rotten eggs from last night and still do even if I put a moisturizer it still does not cover the smell, and I even washed with a scented body wash again after the bubbles appeared and it still did not get rid of the smell..

i definatly am making a complaint and want a full refund for this crappy product. ill stick to a razer blade or getting them waxed at a salon instead of buying a product with false advertising and buying a product that probably has not been tested on anything.

It gets better there is more then one person who broke out in these rashes/hives/bubbles, and it seems that nair does not care at all, because they have not taken the product off of the market or fixed it or put a better warning.


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