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First time I've tried these and really upset at the results and the pain I'm still in. I could care less about the $7 I wasted on the product, I'm fearful my skin has been scared at this point. My face has still feels burned after a day of using these strips on my cheeks/chin/upper lip, and I'm hoping tons of lotions/oils on my face will help to soothe the pain and heal my skin. I followed all directions on the box, and was left with red splotches all over my cheeks and a huge red mark across my upper lip on one side. I look terrible, like a burn victim. I will be contacting the company about this - really horrible product! I had to repeatedly use the strips to get any hair off at all (the box states "same strip may be used several times until it no longer adheres to the skin") and it left my face completely irritated and a mess, and still on fire. And I still have hairs on my face (I'm not that hairy, fine & light colored hair). My lips are a mess too from where the strip touched them.

Don't buy this product - just spend the money on having a salon professional do the work, after all, it is your face. I'm devastated and only hope my skin recovers from this. Very upset, and will NEVER buy another Nair product again, and cannot recommend this brand. Very, very destructive to skin!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nair Hair Remover.

Reason of review: awful product that causes damage to skin!.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

I didn't like: Product didnt work and is dangerous, Scars, Pain, Very harmful to skin.

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I am the one who posted the photo above.... just to put you all at ease (if you have just used this product and are scared to death what your face will look like afterwards!), my skin did heal and I did not find it to scar in the end.

However, I literally had to go into hiding for several days while I hoped and prayed for fast healing. One thing I did was keep my skin very moist so that I didn't get any crusty scabbing that might scar, and that seemed to work well (although I did have some light scabbing that seemed to lightly flake off with normal looking skin underneath). I believe I slathered on Aquaphor (it's like Vaseline) several times a day the entire time until I saw the redness start to fade. It was a very long week, and I was so lucky I did not have to leave the house for work or anything (stay at home mom), there is no way I could have gone out in public!

I just wanted to post the outcome for me, as those who post here are probably still in pain after just having used this terrible product, and a bit terrified as to what the damage might be.

Hopefully you heal as well as I did. Best of luck, hang in there.


I have skin off were I waxed my eyebrows. Worst product evr!!!!


Same happened to my arms , it stinged so much but now it itches but im afraid to scratch .. my scars looked like patches of dried burnt skin ..

i put cocoa butter ..

hopes it heals soon .. i also had bruises on my arms


Dame same thing maybe it's time nare stops making wax products


I had the exact same experience, my face is on FIRE


The exact same thing happened to me! I've tried it twice now thinking maybe the first time I did something wrong, the day of and day after it was extremely red and and painful, then the day after my skin was scabbed and peeling.

After the second time I decided to research and see if this has happened to anyone else and apparently it's pretty common. So glad I'm not the only one this has happened to.


been there..now i get a scar on my upper lip..and im so upset coz i dont know to remove the scar..

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